Friday, March 09, 2007

300: Part One

Okay, so we've made plans to see this movie this afternoon. The headlines of the reviews mention much gore. I have been warned...

However, the rest of the reviews? I didn't plan to read. I hate spoilers. But I couldn't even glance at the first sentence of one without getting: "The movies starts with (this) and ends with (tha--)...."


Geez Louise, what is UP with that? Telling the ending in the very first sentence? ARGH.

It reminds me of the reviewer of one of my books who felt it necessary to state that she figured out the "twist" in the story very early on, the twist that I had worked and pondered on and revised and rewrote so it would be exciting and dramatic and surprising. Then this person tells everybody there's a big twist a-comin', so now they'll be anticipating it and it won't come as the big dramatic reveal it was meant to be.

This is the sort of thing that drives authors to bang their heads against the desk. And curse reviewers soundly.

I gather Sin City, also based on a Frank Miller graphic novel, was a gore-fest, too. But here's the thing: 300 is about a battle. Battles are gory.

I do understand that knowing a thing and seeing a thing are two very different experiences, so I'm ready to cover my eyes. I'm also thinking that now, there might be torture, or some gore that's non-battle-specific. Torture and/or the gruesome execution of enemies is not new, either, but if the violence seems to be there just for shock value? That's different.

Look for my reaction later today in 300: Part Two. I promise not to reveal the ending.


Leah Braemel said...

My eldest is seeing that movie even as I write this. I have no plans to until it comes out on DVD.

The spoilers bit bugs me too. Which is why I found it really surprising at an event one of my writing groups threw a few years back where they invited an editor and agent to critique our work. During their talk they said that the average romance reader reads not only the first page, but also the *gasp* last to ensure a happy ending. My mother would get so upset with us if we ever turned to the back of the book before we finished; I still daren't. I've heard of people coming out of the second Star Wars saying "Darth Vader is Luke's father!" and people would get really upset. *Shudders* I prefer the surprise thank you. (Oh, and your 'Supportive Spouses' blog? My hubby read the first five pages of my work today -- Yikes! Haven't heard any comments, but it's the first time he's done that. I think it made me just as nervous as thinking about tomorrow's critique session.)

Margaret Moore said...

I don't get reading the end of a book, especially a romance. I mean, the ending's not that great a mystery, is it?

I hope your son enjoyed the movie as much as I did!

Kimber said...

I ALWAYS read the ending. Not in great detail, just scanning through, looking for the hero's and heroine's names (maybe a kiss), ensuring that they're still together.

Been burned too many times with no HEA not to. If there's no HEA, I'm not plunking down my cash.

Real life doesn't always work out but I expect my romance novels to. I want to feel better, hopeful, lovey dovey, after the book.

Margaret Moore said...

There are romances without a happy ending? I wouldn't call them romances, then. Chick lit, maybe? I gather they don't require the HEA ending, so I can see them ending with a sadder but hopefully wiser heroine, alone.

Kimber said...

I wouldn't call them romances either but the books often have romance printed on the spine and are found in the romance section. Oh and are written by former fave romance writers.

I'm lazy and usually time pressed. If I could get away with not reading the ending, I would.