Thursday, March 01, 2007


Hey, I just discovered that THE NOTORIOUS KNIGHT, the sequel to MY LORD'S DESIRE and Bayard's story, is already available for pre-order at Amazon. Cool!

In other news, I forgot to mention Heroes. Sulu is evil? And knows about the special powers? And we found out about Claire's dad and Invisible Clyde. Wow! Now there's a show whose writers understand how to dole out new info while also answering questions already raised. Unlike, say, Lost. When I saw the previews for Lost this week, I could only shake my head. Hurley finding a car made me think of the Flintstone-esque car on Gilligan's Island. I didn't watch. That show has not just jumped the shark, it's gone over the edge.


Kimber said...

Yeah, but when is Bayard baby going to be in stores? Or is he, already? Hhhmmm...I'll check on Saturday.

Heroes rocks. And I'm loving the commercial tie-ins. Did you see the Fan4 trailer? With the Silver Surfer? The first movie...not-so-good but if the second has Silver Surfer, well...

Margaret Moore said...

The second has Ioan, so I'll be there!

Bayard's book is out around the end of June.

I'm also planning to see the new Gerard Butler flick, 300, even though it looks bizarre and weird and wildly inaccurate.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy 300 and Gerry's bareness! I am dropping in at the urging of a dear friend; we moderate a Richard Armitage fansite together, and I have recommended your books to her, and she received a signed copy recently.

I am so sorry; I only have 12 of your books, and have no recent ones (which I will rectify immediately) as I've been in babyland for the last several years. However, I have read through your blog entries for the last few weeks, and very much enjoyed it.

I admire your writing style largely for the believable male leads and very strong women (and I don't always mean the yelling belligerent kind of strong). All my best for your continued success!


Margaret Moore said...

I'm still waiting to be able to see our man Richard in Robin Hood (I live in Canada, so I can't see it on BBC America), although I think it'll be both pain and pleasure when I do. I'll probably giggle like a twelve year old, then scream at the TV in frustration for Marian to wake up and kiss the guy!!! I mean, really...Mr. Intensity who sees you as his redemption, or some callow youth?? (My heart races just thinking about that show. I kid you not.)

I hear ya on Babyland. I didn't start writing until my youngest was in nursery school and I had an hour a day to call my own. My eldest believed napping was for others. If I'd had more than two children, I might never have started writing.

Many thanks for the kind words and good wishes, and keep up the good work for RA! He seems genuinely grateful for the fan support, which makes me admire him all the more.

Anonymous said...

Well, if you do giggle and scream during Robin Hood, then you'll be in the crowd! There were definite times ovaries were popping out (I know, no way for a grown woman with hubby and kids and college degrees to talk) from the looks off of Richard. And the alternate screaming and wanting to smack Marian got more than one raised eyebrow out of my hubby. How could any woman alive resist him?

Let's just say I squeeze my writing in between diapers, therapy, homeschooling, and a home business. I have three of your books as of today to catch up on, and I think there's more, but I kind of have a busy life . . . I will get to them, though.

I've also introduced my sister to your blog, and we've spent all day emailing each other about so many of your entries that could be words right out of our mouths! She thinks you might be our sixth sister (which is a joke)! She actually owns every book you've written!

We are off to the IMAX this weekend for 300; two women, no men along, and I don't think we will be the lone women there. Who wouldn't want to see upwards of 250 strong males battling it out?

As for the accuracy, that's not why I'm going to see this one, just as it is not why I watched and reviewed Robin Hood. I hope you get a chance to see the series soon; I must ask our Canadian members of the Army when they are expecting it!

Now, off to bed with a few new books to read . . .