Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Aaron and FLOTUS, together again!

Ah, at last! Aaron and FLOTUS appear. And they're together, although...I'm not too happy about the actual "in a facility" situation, but I can see it was necessary to bring the drama. Nice facility, too. Except for the giant pear thing on the counter. I thought maybe it was a cookie jar, but I couldn't see any line separating a lid from the bottom, and believe me, I was looking. Because my first thought was, UGH! What's that bulbous thing?

Aaron looked good. I believe the fella's lost some weight, or maybe it was the casual duds. Anyway, he cares about her so much, it was lovely to see, especially after Dysfunctional Family Stuff. I'm willing to overlook the incredible co-inky-dink that he just happens to arrive moments before the ex-pres. calls.

And finally, Jack is beginning to look, well, human, as in not invincible.

Poor Russian lover-boy, I hope he's not dead, although at first I thought I was seeing a little on-the-job sexual harrassment. Anybody else think so, or do you think they were enjoying a little on-the-job relationship?

I guess it's a fashion to wear see-through blouses...but to work??? Yikes. I would label that not dressing for success, as in being taken seriously. But I've been self-employed for twenty years.

Speaking of which, you might think after all that time I would be able to just write a first draft and call it a day. Or get it right on the second. Nope. Still revising, revising, revising. Which brings me to the Inspirational Quote o' the Day, from Arthur Rubenstein: "Don't tell me how talented you are. Tell me how hard you work."

Workin' hard here, Art! Workin' hard!


Christine said...

I thought of you when I saw Aaron show up. :) It was a nice way to tie up some loose ends from last season.

I agree I like the more human Jack. They need more of that in the show.

Leah Braemel said...

Margaret, you make me feel so much better about my writing when I see you posting about revising. I had one published author tell me recently that she never revises, she gets it right the first time and she's never had an editor make changes either. *GAK*

This from an author who has changed her MS from a straight historical to a historical paranormal! Talk about a major revision!

Margaret Moore said...

I had a friend who would just type up an essay, one draft, and call it a day. My mind simply doesn't function that way.

The thing is, that doesn't make somebody a better writer. It just means they work differently.

I'd also be interested to know how long it takes her to write the first draft, or how many pages she does in, say, an hour. It I took an hour a page, maybe I wouldn't revise as much, either. I'd be bored out of my mind, though!