Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Website Update

Today, I updated my website. This is something I try to do once a week. I don't always make it (missed last week) and sometimes I'll do it more often, if something happens that I want to announce or highlight (a good review, say). Today, I added two writing exercises for when you feel like quitting or the writing isn't going well. (Link below.) Because believe you me, I have been in both places, and sometimes it takes this little smack upside the, writing get my thinking back to where it ought to be.

Also, because it's officially spring, even if it's not feeling quite like it in my neck of the woods, I added a very bright floral background to my "what's new?" page.

And then, as I was noodling around with the background, I suddenly realized that I may be able to make slide shows with software I already own! What the --??? So that's my next project, to see if I can, indeed, do that. Which would be very cool.

Margaret's Writing Exercises


Kimber said...

Thank you for this Margaret.

I just received an email from a writing friend yesterday. He was down in the dumps about his writing, wondering whether he should stick with it, whether he is good enough, whether he's just wasting his time.

Definitely going to send him your link.

Margaret Moore said...

I hope it helps! Been there, worked through it, and it's no fun.