Thursday, March 22, 2007

Survivor: ARGH!!!

I have rarely been as upset at a booting on Survivor as I was last night. Seriously, upset. Growling, complaining, moaning...and that was two hours later. I mean, what the heck? You keep "Rocky" and take out Anthony? It made no sense to me.

At least Yau-Man, Earl and Michelle got to Camp Comfy. And Cassandra is making a move.

In other TV news: did something happen on 24? At this point, I can't remember...which says something about how engaged I am this season. Oh, yes, Jack found out Audrey is dead. Maybe. And there's a mole. I tell ya, security in CTU is baaaaad.

Prison Break: So now it's Let's Stop T-bag Time? Okay. I can't quite figure out how T-bag manages to do all he does, including murder, with just the one hand, especially given that this is a relatively recent disability. Adapts pretty fast, that T-bag. I see according to the promo, Lance is back. Yeah! But will he be Good Lance, or Bad Lance?

In work-related news, I'm revising Chapter Eight now. The bad news: I've cut out about 42 pages altogether. The good news: I'm ahead of my original page count by 35. I didn't realize I'd replaced and added so much. Yeah!

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