Thursday, March 15, 2007

What's making me grin this week....

First, the clocks went ahead. A lot of people have been moaning about this. Not me. I love it! Mind you, I'm not a morning person (never have been) so I'm not up at the (moved back) crack o' dawn, so I pretty much miss the morning darkness.

I discovered there are 300 action figures (that's action figures based on the movie 300). I can have my own little buff Gerard Butler? Heheheee.

I think I've solved some problems in the work-in-progress, in no small part by reminding myself, "It's a romance, you nit." Sometimes, I kinda forget, what with the swords and the fighting and everything.

I wisely decided to make sure the VCR was recording American's Next Top Model last night while Daughter was at work. Because Daughter forgot to change the clock on the VCR (biggest drawback to the time change in our house) and it didn't start and oh, geez, how do I work these dang remotes, so picture me sitting on the floor in front of the telly, desperate pushing buttons on two remotes, then giving up and just using the buttons on the dang machine. Whew! Crisis averted.

(Just FYI, in our house, the remote is known as "the conch," a reference to LORD OF THE FLIES. Pity my poor kids when they went to a friend's house and asked for "the conch" instead of the remote. But as I've told them many times, it is a parents' job to embarrass their kids.)

Also, in case you missed it before, Aaron and Martha on 24. My little heart, she squees!

But alas, all is not complete joy. Today, I have to pay my taxes. It is the Ides of March, after all.


Leah Braemel said...

My hubby gave me a strange look when I giggled as I pictured you trying to work the remote. We have too many remotes in our house -- TV, DVD, Satellite, Surround sound system, and ... here's the odd man out ... fireplace!

In our house the remote is called the 'beeper', because our very first remote actually beeped a different sound for each button. But our kids wouldn't remember that.

As for the action toys? I've got several Aragorns on my desk, and I'm starting to collect Gargoyles for my present book (not that they're sexy). But a buff Gerard Butler? Go for it!

Amy Ruttan said...

300 action figures? Personal mini GB's for ones desk. I'm so there!!!

Kimber said...

I love the time change. So refreshing to actually see daylight if I get out of work on time (I'm always at work before the sun). Feels naughty like I'm sneaking out early.

Laughing at the remote stories. We have one tv which is deliberately not hooked up to anything else. I only need one remote to operate it.

Applied that solution after the hubby went away for a week. I was left with not only no tv but I managed to mess up all his complicated settings. He spent the next month calibrating his tv's (completely tech inept married to a home theater man).