Friday, March 09, 2007

300: Part Two

I wanna buy the DVD NOW!!! Today!!! Loved it!

Also, does the Spartan army have a women's auxiliary? Can I be their Florence Nightingale? I mean, whooo! The hunkage!

To be sure, the movie had some unintentional laughs and some things that had me rolling my eyes (if you don't mind being spoiled, you can read what here), but overall, I really, really liked it.

About the gore -- not nearly as bad as I was expecting. My daughter, who saw Sin City, said 300 wasn't nearly as gross as that film. Also, because the film was so stylized, I think, the violence often didn't seem very realistic.

I liked that the narration gave a little history lesson on the way Spartan boys were raised. What they left out, and what I recall reading, although darned if I can remember where now (the curse of the historical writer -- I tend to remember snippets of interesting stuff, but can't always recall where, so I think this is true but couldn't swear to it), about Spartan marriages: on their wedding night, a Spartan woman cut her hair and wore men's clothes, because Spartan warriors had only ever lived with other men from the time they were seven years old, so they weren't at all used to the company of women. And even afterward, Spartan soldiers only ever visited their wives after dark and left before dawn.

Also, I must confess I always have a problem with movies set in such times that make mention of fighting for "freedom." I always think, "And have you discussed this concept with your slaves lately?"

But overall, I really, really enjoyed it. Would I see it again? Oh, I know I will. Probably several times.


Anonymous said...

YOWZA! Definitely buying this one on DVD asap. Oh, my! Best part . . . Gerry's backside. Totally shallow, but honest. I was impressed with many, many physiques. WHEW! Hot enough for you?


Margaret Moore said...

I honestly muttered aloud, with delighted surprise, "Hello!" at that part. It was a very nice surprise, I must say! And the rest of him wasn't bad either. I was impressed he could make me ignore that beard.

Amy Ruttan said...

I so want to see 300, just because of GB and other washboard type figures. I mean I bought a Men's health magazine because it had a spread and color photo's of GB's work out in the middle. How bad am I?

Christine said...

I'm waiting to see this with my dad...but it's getting really hard. I want to see it NOW!!