Friday, July 13, 2007

What the heck?

A few things that have made me raised my brow the past few days:

An ad in the local paper announces, "Sub-penthouse suites."

What the heck? Would that not be, I dunno, "regular" suites? Who are you trying to kid/impress here? I mean, really. Can I advertise my house as a proto-mansion?

We went to see Live Free and Die Hard last night. I enjoyed it, although for my money, no sequel can match the original. Yet once again, I see computer whizzes frantically typing away -- and nobody ever seems to have to go back to fix a typo or make a correction. What the heck? When I update my site, or blog, or type anything, I make tons of typos, and I've been using a keyboard for longer than some of those expert hackers have been alive.

I read an obit that included a posthumous request by the deceased of what seemed an incredibly personal nature. Granted, the person is dead, so presumably beyond shame or embarrassment, but what the heck was the thinking behind including that? (If you're curious about what it was, I'm going to be blogging about it in more detail next week. It requires more time, and it goes to the creation of a character out of such elements.)

I've blogged about reading a book about a famous and sensational Regency murder case. But I gotta tell ya, for a book about such a subject, it is one tough slog. What the heck? What happened? I'm still trying to figure it out. But this would be one reason why some people equate historical research with boring.

And now - what the heck! Where did the morning go? I've got to go to a library to hear a forensic expert talk about crime scenes and blood spatters and if I get a chance to ask, puncture wounds. Oh my!

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