Thursday, July 26, 2007

I'm desperately trying...

to finish Harry Potter #7 before I hear anything about the story. So far, so good, and since I painted the (hot pink) primer on the (to be "drumbeat red") walls today, giving myself a blister in the center of my palm in the process, I think I deserve a little R and R. So I'm giving myself permission to take a couple of Reading Days. I have a pile of books to read in addition to Harry Potter and it's the summer.

I'm also wondering if the neighbors, who can see into that room because there are no curtains on it at the moment, will be thinking I've gone off the deep end and think I'm the reincarnation of Barbara Cartland. Then again, what will they make of the red walls? An Anne Rice obsession?

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Michelle Styles said...

Red walls are great. We had the dinig room painted dragon's blood red earlier this year. The Victorians often had red in their dinig rooms.

Personally I prefer rooms with personality.

Enjoy HP 7