Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Knave's Honor Cover!

Now that I've regaled you with the Tale O' Revisions for my next book, KNAVE'S HONOR, I'm delighted to have a copy of the cover to show! There he is, the knave himself -- at least his wonderful chin. I kinda like not seeing the whole face. Leaves it more to the reader's individual imagination, and since I never have a complete vision of my character's faces, it works for me.

Lizette is obviously attempting to resist his charms (and my fella Finn is some charming!) but I think the parted lips make it clear it's more of an internal struggle.

I like the dress, and I like that the hero's shirt is unlaced. Rather suggestive, that, but in a classy way.

I've revised my website, so there's a larger version of the cover as well as a description of the book up now.

I'm glad I was done the revision of the text because revising my website when I have a cover is rather a big job. Fun, but lots to do, because more than one "page" is affected.

I also got the Italian edition of HERS TO DESIRE today. Isn't it lovely?


Kimber said...

Very nice.

Quite a departure from the last couple covers.
Makes me think of the romance covers from back in the day (though much more classy).

My only complaint is...January?
Ya gonna make us wait til January?
We can't even read it over Christmas?

That would be less painful a wait if we didn't know it was written.

Anonymous said...

That's a great cover :)

Margaret Moore said...

Welll, there's a chance it could be out on shelves before Christmas. It'll depend when it arrives and more importantly, when the staff has a moment to shelve it.

Thanks for the kind words about the cover, too!

Christine d'Abo said...

I love it, Margaret! HQ is coming out with some very nice covers these days.

Karen In Toronto said...

Wow. What a great cover! Such a modern twist on a historical.