Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Me on YouTube

Apparently an interview I did with fellow romance authors Kate Bridges and Kayla Perrin is now on YouTube.

To be honest, that was totally staged. I don't normally hang out in swanky hotels. Still, it was fun getting to partake of a fancy tea, and the interviewer was pleasantly respectful.

In other news, my parents celebrated their 59th wedding anniversary yesterday. Is that awesome or what?

And my wrist is just a little sore, which is good because I've got writing to do!


Rhea said...

Their 59th?! That's amazing.

Kimber said...

Wow, congrats to your parents.
59 years.
That's something.

Speaking of something,
read A Warrior's Heart
(your first, thank you!)
Margaret, that one's a classic.
15 years later
and it could have been written yesterday.
Wish that were true of all historicals
but I figure that's what defines a classic.

Margaret Moore said...

Thank you so much, Kimber! And yes, 59 years is pretty wonderful!