Monday, July 16, 2007

Briefly, for the sake of my wrist....

My blog posts this week will have to be short. I've been preparing to paint a room, and because the trim used to be about this shade of red (it was my son's room and it matched his furniture), and the new trim is going to be white, I wanted to get right down to the bare wood. That takes a lot of sanding, and even with a hand-held sander, that's hard on the wrist. Given that I also have writing work to do, that's a lot of strain on the ol' wrist, and since I don't want to get carpel tunnel syndrome, I'm going to take it easy with the "extras" this week.

I have heard, though, that the word re historicals at the Romance Writers of America annual conference is very positive. Whoo hoo!

And it turns out the cover for KNAVE'S HONOR is a "step-back," meaning there's a second picture inside, so you do get the entire couple. It's very nice, so look for that later this week.

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