Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Dead Ends

One thing I always discover as I revise my first few chapters is what I call "dead ends," little snippets of prose that started me on a tangent of either plot or character that eventually went nowhere. I "dropped" the idea somewhere along the way, either because it turned out to be unimportant/not interesting, or else started to take the story somewhere it ultimately didn't go.

Very rarely do I think, "Oh, geez, this was good. I should have continued on the way." Usually it's more like "What was I thinking? Oh, ya. Never mind."

I found one or two of those last night I was editing/binging on Hallowe'en candy. Yep, I fell off the eat-healthy wagon big time. Fortunately, we had more trick or treaters than we expected. Otherwise? Yikes! However, I gather Dr. Oz on Oprah is going to tell me how to lose 10 pounds in a month on Thursday. I don't always watch Oprah, but I'm trying to get back on the rowing regimen, so I can do my rowing to nowhere about then.

Now it's back to work to see if I have more dead ends to delete.

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