Friday, November 03, 2006

Random Blog Giveaway!

Since the Christmas catalogues have started to arrive, and the Christmas commercials have started to air, and the mail will be getting busy, I decided to have a Random Blog Giveaway of a Harlequin Historical Christmas anthology no longer in print.

THE KNIGHTS OF CHRISTMAS, out in 1997, contains "Kara's Gift," by Suzanne Barclay, "A Wish for Noel" by Deborah Simmons and "The Twelfth Day of Christmas" by yours truly. I remember having a lot of fun writing that novella, in part because it's about an older couple. No bonus points if you guess all three stories are medievals. :-)

I have four copies of THE KNIGHTS OF CHRISTMAS to give away. To win one, email and put "Christmas" in the subject line.

Later that same day: the books are all spoken for. Whew, that was fast!

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Karen B said...

What a fun prize! Haven't noticed much Christmas advertising yet but I am so disgusted with all the political ads - they are so vicious this year (locally) and full of half-truths and down right lies. Is it any wonder that we are upset with all levels of government? Thanks - needed to get that off my chest! :)