Saturday, November 18, 2006

Holy Spine Wrecker, Batman!

As the Christmas season approaches, the catalogues have been coming fast and furious. Today, we received a very glossy, fancy-smancy one for a bookstore. Okay, books are good. Books are most excellent presents. Bookstores want to make money.

But oh, my goodness, what brainiac decided to photograph the books open, text down? Yes, we can see the cover, but think of the spines, people! That's one fine way to wreck a book.

There's another picture where, in what appears to be an effort to raise the page for the camera, they've folded back pages. ARGH!!!!!

This is right up there with the fools who write in library books, and bend down the corners of pages of library books.

It's wrong, you people! Wrong!

(The hysterical nature of this post is brought to you by Chapters Nineteen and Twenty, and a looming deadline.)

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