Tuesday, November 07, 2006

I like it!

So there I am, rewriting the first scene of Chapter Ten after dinner. New setting, new beginning, new character, while salvaging some bits from other (now deleted) scenes. It's a Franken-scene!

I've also introduced, a few chapters back, a character based (visually) on Ray Stevenson, pictured here as his character Titus Pullo in Rome. I loved his character Pullo, and think ol' Ray's mighty easy on the eyes, too.

As I was working away, I thought of a nice little thing to happen to Robb at the end of the book. It came almost totally out of the blue (or my subconscious), and it's the kind of idea that makes writing exciting, even when I'm revising and my back is getting sore and I'm starting to get a little dazed and confused.

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