Friday, November 24, 2006

Speaking of TV....

Today's blog features a round-up of my shows -- what I'm loving, what I'm not, and what I'm giving up on.

The Amazing Race -- always enjoyable (except the ill-conceived Family Edition. Staying the same country was a big part of the problem for me there). As much as I love the Cho Bros, they were not savvy racers, and frankly, their attitude toward the other members of the six pack -- that they would be gone without them -- moved into Arrogant Territory for me. But overall, I thought they were great guys. I'm sort of meh on the remaining teams, though. Don't really like any of them, but don't hate them, either.

Survivor -- oh, my wonderful Aitu, how do I love thee? I want them to be the final four. Ozzy the Otter - part man, part swimming marvel. And Yul... You know how guys have that sexy librarian fantasy, where she takes off her glasses, shakes out her hair and va-va-voom? I think for women, it's the nerdy accountant thing. Takes off his glasses, then his shirt and reveals six pack abs. So when Yul said he'd never get another date this week? Oh, Yul, how wrong you are!

Heroes -- still got my interest, but not enough Hiro this week. Next week looks Hiro-centric, though. Wheeee!

Lost -- As sexy as I find Sawyer and Sayid, they've lost me. Too much weirdness, not enough answers. And the love scene? I was totally distracted by the lack of hygiene. This may sound strange coming from somebody who writes romances set in medieval England, a time not noted for good personal hygiene, but I look at it this way: if that's what you're used to, you wouldn't notice, so if the people live in the past, unless somebody's really filthy or smells really bad, they just aren't going to notice. Lost is set in the present, though. After eating those fish biscuits? I don't want to think about their breath.... The fact that there were cameras, too? Eeeeuuuwww. Also, not nearly enough Hurley.

Ugly Betty -- boy, does this show get the concept of the wow episode ending or what? Also, Betty is wonderful. Smart, surviving in the barracuda tank...I like her! I also find Daniel somewhat endearing. And the new nerd accountant character? Oh, yes!

Prison Break - I just knew T-Bag was going to lose his hand again. YUCK! They do know how to keep the story moving, but I still say they shouldn't have killed Tweener. Also, is it wrong that I find Kellerman sexy? I keep wanting him to leave the Dark Side and profess his love for Sarah. Instead of, you know, trying to kill her.

Battlestar Galactica -- So much happier now that Apollo's out of the fat suit. I'm finding the Baltar stuff kind of a drag, though. I'm not finding the stories so compelling, I must admit.

The Nine -- I had a choice of working or watching The Nine. I went with working. I've decided that because of the way it's set up (the crisis has already happened), every episode feels somewhat anti-climactic.

The Office -- I came very late to this (like, this year) but I gotta say, the whole Pam/Jim relationship? Has me on the edge of my seat. I think one reason I enjoy that part of the show is not so much because I write romance, but because I can see actually having such people in a real office. They're less like caricatures and more realistic characters. Unlike, say, Dwight. Don't get me wrong -- Dwight's a hoot and I'm sure there are people like him in offices, albeit on a lesser scale. I just prefer the Pam/Jim kinda characters.

My Name Is Earl -- I started watching this after listening to my husband laughing out loud during some episodes. And I'm glad I did. The relationship between Earl and his brother is both funny and sweet, and I think it's one thing that makes this show stand out. I haven't watched sit coms in years, until this one.

And now, it's back to the book! Until my lunch/Law and Order rerun break. Ah, Lenny. How wonderful a character you were!


MaryF said...

We have SUCH the same taste in shows! I'll still watch Lost, but The Nine, not anymore.

Margaret Moore said...

Kewl! I may come back to watch a Hurley-centric episode of Lost, but otherwise, probably not. By then, it'll be time for 24 and the velvety voice of Keifer Sutherland....although I still haven't gotten over the loss of Tony and Michele, either.

Anonymous said...

Last season of 24 was tramatic. I'm really curious to see what they do next. And there've been rumors of both Sean Bean and Christopher Eccleston joining the cast of Heroes. If they both join, I'll be in heaven. :)