Thursday, November 23, 2006

Wherein I swoon

I decided, while taking a revising my manuscript yet again (391 pages. Number of pages without changes? One...sigh....), to check the website of the new Robin Hood series on the BBC. Even though I can't watch it (yet), I wander by sometimes. Turns out there's a preview clip for the episode on the 25th.

That had me swooning. Yep, if you wanna know why I write romance, watch this preview clip. Oh, baby, oh, baby! Marion, ditch that Robin kid and become Lady Gisborne! You can save him! And wouldn't that be exciting in a variety of ways????

Whew, between that, and Jamie Bamber in People? What a week for male pulchritude and intensity!

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Anonymous said...

I'm almost afraid to watch RH! The reviews have been horrendous. But I can't help myself! The stubble, the leather, the voice ... it's calling me! What is one to do when they have a massive thumping crush on RA? SIGH. I MUST watch. Spring 2007 seems an awful long way away, doesn't it?