Saturday, November 25, 2006

Nearly at the finish line....

The end is in sight! Last night, I started the final input of the changes on the hard copy of THE NOTORIOUS KNIGHT. Whooo hoooo! And then I'll print it up one more time, and it is out the door, safe in the hands of my good buddy, the FedEx Man.

And then...what will I do?

Well, for some wacky reason (actually, it's called not wanting a huge delay before getting the okay on the next book), I have a proposal due for the next book (KNAVE'S HONOR) on December 15. Not a whole lotta time there, but certainly doable. I've been ambushed by some ideas for that story lately, including one that I did not write down and now can't remember and it's driving me a little nuts. You know that "I've got it on the tip of my tongue!" feeling? It's like that.

I also have to get a start on the Mount Doom of Laundry. Clean clothes are good. When we were in Oxford University, England once -- we were staying in a dorm -- I went to use the washing machine. The instructions read "Put soap in dispenser." Now, in NA, my washing machine does not have such a thing. So I examined the washer, looking for the dispenser. I looked high, I looked low, I looked inside. I could see nothing that looked like a soap dispenser, or labeled as such. For about 15 minutes I stood puzzling and puzzling. And then I just gave up and threw the soap inside with the clothes (the way I do here) and started the machine. And then lo! From a panel at the front, water began to seep. And thus I discovered the soap dispenser. It was a drawer in the panel, like a secret drawer in some Victorian piece of furniture.

And thus I also realized if I ever went back in time? I'd probably just curl up in a ball and whimper at the unfamiliarity of, well, everything.

I also have to start buying Christmas presents. I actually have a couple already (yeah!), but there is much more to be done.

I have to clean my office. Many papers are strewn about -- notes, lists, various pieces of manuscript. I need to do some filing. I also have to gather up my research books and return them to the shelves.

I have several things to be mailed, so I have to get those ready and get to the Post Office.

I want to see the new James Bond movie. I'm not a Bond fan, but I thought Daniel Craig was really good as the priest-assassin in Elizabeth. I knew that guy wouldn't break under torture! He also has a great voice, and I love me a good voice. Unfortunately, my daughter has somewhat ruined it for me by saying Daniel Craig has "monkey lips." Which is, unfortunately, kinda true.

I will also start worrying that I have missed a Huge, Gigantic Plot Hole in THE NOTORIOUS KNIGHT and my editor will phone me up and say, "What exactly were you thinking?" Or worst of all, "I found this a little slow..." Aaaaahhhhhhhh! And it'll be back to the drawing board again.

But that's okay. I wrote it, I can fix it.

And then, it's on to KNAVE'S HONOR and my Irish hero (that's a new one for me) and the free-spirited heroine. I can see her befuddling the Knave a whole lot because she doesn't act like any noblewoman he's ever met. I can hardly wait!

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