Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Hallowe'en!

Once again it's time for all the little ghosts, goblins, witches, princesses and pirates to come to the door trick or treating. And for me to try not to consume mass quantites of (very small) chocolate bars as I await them. This year, I've been pretty good to keep out of the stash, mainly because my daughter hid them. At my request. I know my own weakness.

I fondly remember one of my best Hallowe'en costumes ever. I was a telephone. In an uncanny nod to our future of daily phone calls, my mother was inspired to paint a large cardbox black, cut out a hole for me to see, make a large dial and attach the earpiece from a child's phone, likewise painted black, to the side. This was put over my head, and went down to my knees. Voila, I am a phone! I note that today, that would be considered a Very Dangerous Costume. Black (and no reflecting tape!) and poor visibility. Alas, there's no picture.

When my own kids were little, I sewed their costumes. My favorite was the dinosaur costume I made for my son. It was quite elaborate, and has since gone through just about every male nephew born since. I don't know where it is now, nor can I find a really good picture of it. I know there's one somewhere, though. My daughter favored the princess look.

Last year, I decided to wear my son's enormous foam rubber cowboy hat when I answered the door. That was a little awkward, and I scared some poor little kid to tears, so I don't think I'll be doing that again.

What I will be doing is carving a pumpkin, although the zeal has lessened since my own kids stopped trick or treating. And editing between rings of the doorbell. I've been doing that for years now, too. Afterward, it's always obvious which pages I was working on.

The little bits of melted chocolate give it away.


Kathy K said...

LoL... I love the image of the cowboy hat; and scaring the little kid...that had to be something!

Many of the costumes are really cute, but the older kids sometimes where awful masks...I like the days of the home-made pirate costumes, cute little witches and the fairy princesses. My mom always made our costumes, too; one year she and my dad made a Darth Vader costume for my youngest brother...it was pretty incredible!

The scariest thing about Halloween now, is that the Christmas stuff is in the stores before trick-or-treating is even at hand!

Oh, for the good old days, when holidays didn't just bleed into each other, but were separate and not the huge marketing occasion they are now.

Kathy K said...

... *groan*... I can't believe that I used "where" when it should have been "wear"...too late at night for me ~ or too much indulging in left-over halloween treats.


Margaret Moore said...

I totally fell off the snack wagon and pigged out. Not just on chocolate, either. Those Starbursts are yummy!

We had nearly 100 trick or treaters. However, there are still leftovers, so it's the rowing machine for me this week!