Monday, October 30, 2006

Scary Stuff

The movie The Wizard of Oz was on last night. Those flying monkeys, the "live" apple trees, the witch and especially the Wicked Witch of the East's curling up feet scared the bejeebers out of me when I was a kid. Seriously. Terrified me. The tornado wasn't exactly fun viewing, either.

I can't even watch the trailers for some films they make these days, and I sure wish they weren't on TV. Those Saw movies, Texas Chainsaw anything, and that one about the hostel? Thank heavens the latter was made after my son had been to Europe, or I would have been in a constant state of panic while he was gone. You know, it's one thing to pay to see a movie about that sort of thing; it's quite another to be sitting in your living room, watching one of your regular shows, and then be hit with one of those commercials. Please, spare me!

In book-writing news, I have decided Chapter One is good to go (or at least not revise on computer anymore this draft). Chapters Two and Three need at least one more read this draft, but I'm hoping to move onto Chapters Four and possibly even Five today. Except that I added a little something to the last scene of Chapter Three that's kinda taken that in a new direction. Ah well, we shall see....

I tried to convince Daughter Who Wishes To Be An Editor that she should read Chapter One and Two to know if I'm on the right track with the characters (she's the only person who ever sees any of my work before it goes to the editor), but she keeps talking about essays and assignments she has due and should work on instead. Sheesh, where have I gone wrong?

Probably talking about how "deadlines are IMPORTANT" all these years. :-)


Maureen McGowan said...

I was an adult before I could get through The Wizard of OZ. It was the monkeys for me, too. Terrifying.

Have you read WICKED?

Margaret Moore said...

I tried, but I just couldn't get into it. There wasn't one character I liked, so I gave up.

The faces of the flying monkeys are just beyond creepy....