Thursday, October 05, 2006

Delight from Down Under

Today I got an email from my friend and fellow HQN author Helen Kirkman to let me know that our two-in-one release,MYSTERIOUS ALLEGIANCES, containing my book, THE UNWILLING BRIDE and Helen's book, A FRAGILE TRUST, is now available Down Under. You can also order if from eHarlequin in Australia.

Here's the back cover copy:

The Unwilling Bride

Promised to Merrick of Tregellas when she was but a child, Lady Constance was unwilling to wed a man she remembered only as a spoiled boy. Sure he had grown into an arrogant knight, she sought to make herself so unappealing that Merrick would refuse to honour their betrothal. Yet no sooner had this darkly handsome man ridden through the castle gates than she realised he was nothing like the boy she recalled.

Haunted by secrets from his past, Merrick was reluctant to return to Tregellas—until he caught sight of Lady Constance. She was everything he wanted in a wife and the only woman who stirred his passion and his heart. But what would happen when she discovered the truth?

A Fragile Trust

Those defending the land had pledged their loyalty to the new king. Though English by blood, Ash had been raised among Vikings, and was driven beyond reason to prove his allegiance to king and country, only to find himself left for dead by an English traitor.

Then Lady Gemma risked all to rescue the mysterious Ash. But though the wounded stranger consorted easily with the enemy, she could not fear him. And as the growing danger surrounded them, Ash would prove to be a man with the courage to risk not only life, but to save Gemma and earn her love!

I gotta tell ya, as an author, this is the icing on the cake! Lovely cover and a most excellent author to share that cover with!

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