Saturday, October 28, 2006


The clocks go back to Standard Time today. I despair, the "extra" hour's sleep not withstanding. I hate darkness falling before dinner.

What the heck is up with Lost? I mean, really. Mystery upon mystery upon mystery. Too many questions, too many characters, not enough Sayid or Hurley. They're losing me.

Tonight, Battlestar Gallactica. I'm glad they're off the planet. But please, can Jamie Bamber get out of the fat suit?

I still haven't gotten over the death of Tweener on Prison Break. Why???? Why couldn't he be redeemed? OTOH, they're keeping the story moving along and interesting. Lost writers, you might want to take note.

Loving Heroes, specifically Hiro and sidekick. Also, Ugly Betty. The new office nerd? So very, very cute!

There was a review in the paper today about a book titled THE APOTHECARY by a woman named Martha Blum. She's 93. (!!!!)

In the same paper, there's a review of Stephen King's latest, LISEY'S STORY. The reviewer says, "I suppose, in the end, all writers of genre fiction (mysteries, science fiction, fantasy, horror) are forced to find their place between imperatives: the conventions of the genre and the need to innovate in language."

So romance doesn't even make the cut in a list of genre fiction types? Sigh....

I was at the library and spotted Janet Evanovich's ELEVEN ON TOP, and decided to give it a go, despite being extremely disappointed with the scene where Stephanie Plum and Ranger make love in a previous book. Well, the paragraph, really. After what? Eight books leading up to it? This book's okay, but I get a little weary of Stephanie's goofiness after a while. The charm kinda wears off. However, the clever insertion of an excerpt from TWELVE SHARP with the teaser of introducing Ranger's wife had me on the web ordering the book from the library. I'm number 571 out of 571. Guess I won't be getting that book for awhile, but that's okay. I can't read a lot of Stephanie Plum books in a row (see above re charm wearing off).

And now, it's back to Chapter One. Again. But I hope it will be only very minor tweaking after this. And then I have changes to input for Chapters Two and Three. I've cut 12 pages from those three chapters so far. But hey, ya gotta do what yo gotta do, and sometimes that means deleting.


CherylStJ said...

I can't read many Plums in a row, either, and you've gotten farther than I have. I think they are laugh-out-loud funny, though. In a recent interview with Janet at, she mentions she regrets using her real long last name as her writing name, because she signs 2,000 - 3,000 books at an autographing! This just blows my mind. Obviously a lot of somebody's are loving every word she writes. She mentioned how she took a two-year break after writing romance to recreate her career.

Margaret Moore said...

I think one thing that makes SP books so popular is Stephanie's vibrant "voice." Also, two sexy guys. I think ELEVEN ON TOP was better than some of the others -- she'd toned down/has less of the secondary characters.