Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Nooooooo! Not Tweener! Not Tweener!

So there I am, after a hard day of revising, looking forward to Prison Break. I've been hoping that young Tweener, who was thrown in jail for stealing a baseball card (albeit an expensive one) is going to get a new start in life thanks to the love he's found with the short-haired cutie.

Well, I am a romance writer, after all. And I like redemption stories. And I really thought Tweener's Tale would be the ray of happy light in amongst the heavy-duty tension.

But noooooooooo!

They killed Tweener. Okay, the evil, crazy FBI guy late of Invasion, where he played Creepy Alien Sheriff, shot him. But dang! So much for my little ray of sunshine.

I really, really wish they hadn't done that.

In other news, I was ordering the gift certificate that is the prize in my monthly draw and discovered that Amazon has credit card expiry dates available to 2024. My mind, she is boggled!


Maureen McGowan said...

But they gave him a bit of a romantic ending, at least. Okay, not the bit with the psycho FBI dude, the part when he went to see the girl. That was sweet.

I was more upset when they killed John Abruzzi. I thought he was a really interesting character... I guess all the "bad" prison breakers will have to get their dues, though... so maybe the writers were smart to kill him off. (or maybe the talented Peter Stormare simply got another gig...)

One way or another, I'm back on the Prison Break bus. I wasnt sure after the first few episodes this season, but I'm loving it again.

Margaret Moore said...

Abruzzi had his chance to get away and chose revenge instead, so...not a lot of pity from me. Now I guess I'll just have to find something of the "lighter" moments with Haywire and his raft to Holland....

MaryF said...

Ditto - but once they turned down that road...I knew what was in store. Why does the FBI guy have to be crazy, though???

I miss Abruzzi, too.