Monday, October 02, 2006

My TAR is back!

As I take another break, let me just squee a moment about my favorite reality show, The Amazing Race. This season, they seem to have gone back to some of the aspects that made the first season so great -- clues that are clues, not just directions; interesting locales and tasks; and diverse teams, some of whom are actually "regular" folks, not models.

So far, I'm loving the Cho Bros, especially after their moment of silence in Hanoi. I was sorry to see Duke and Lauren go, and I want to like Mary, the Coalminer's Wife, but her interruption of David's moment of reflection in the car was disconcerting. There's really only one racer who makes me froth at the mouth with annoyance, and that would be Peter, Sarah's teammate. I simply can't think of them as a couple, because it's pretty obvious he doesn't. What was with him running ahead and leaving her to crawl in the rice paddy? Sheesh.

One thing I'm also enjoying is the obvious friendship among some of the teams, another element that made Season One such a standout. And, as always, I enjoy the Amazing Host, especially when he lets that Kiwi accent come out. :-)

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