Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Cover Couplings

I just received a copy of a Christmas anthology being published by Harlequin/Mills & Boon in England containing a novella I wrote six years ago. It's called YULETIDE WEDDINGS (20% off at Amazon UK, so far not available at the Mills & Boon site

This isn't an anthology of new stories, though. It includes "The Wise Virgin," by Jo Beverley and my story, "The Vagabond Knight," which first appeared in THE BRIDES OF CHRISTMAS, which was re-released in trade size in North America last Christmas. However, the third story is now "Christmas at Wayfarer Inn" by Shari Anton, which was published in a different anthology ('TIS THE SEASON). Why the change? I have no idea.

But to be honest, that's not the first thing I noticed. That would be the lovely cover, and not only because it's pretty. I first thought this cover was pretty when it appeared on Terri Brisbin's Harlequin Historical, THE COUNTESS BRIDE.

I was checking out YULETIDE WEDDINGS on the Mills & Boon site when I realized Terri and I have shared another cover, and this time, it was first used for one of my Harlequin Historicals, IN THE KING'S SERVICE. This is the cover of her upcoming Mills & Boon rlease, THE NORMAN'S BRIDE. The black and white picture is from the inside cover of IN THE KING'S SERVICE.

This is the back cover of IN THE KING'S SERVICE, which uses part of that inside picture, and also the front cover. Because I really, really like it.

How do I feel about this sharing of the covers? Well, to be sure, it was rather disconcerting the first time I realized this was happening, because I do tend to feel that the artwork on the cover of one of my books is mine. But it isn't. Harlequin or the artist owns it. And given the current publishing environment, if this is a way for Harlequin to keep costs down so they can make more of a profit so they can stay in business and keep buying my books? Then I'm okay with it.

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