Friday, November 27, 2009

Weight Loss Challenge - ARGH

Well, this is getting frustrating! Back to 141 today. Granted, I went on a mini-Tootsie binge over the weekend, but I haven't had a cola since Sunday, so I thought (obviously foolishly) that it would somehow balance out. I've eaten out a couple of times, but aimed for healthy.

I'm seriously thinking there's something to this idea that my body thinks, "Wow! It's getting cold. I'd better have a little extra insulation." I'm also wondering if I shouldn't do something different in terms of exercise.

So my latest plan is to add rowing to the regimen. I can't do it everyday, as it can aggravate an old injury, but I think if I treadmill one day and row the next, I should be okay. I'll have to start slow with the rowing, but it's worth a shot. Because something has got to change or I'm not even going to get close to my goal of 135 by Christmas!

This week's treadmill tally (and upon looking at my record, I see that I didn't exercise as much as I thought, so...there ya go.):

Friday, Nov. 20: 1 hr. on TM
Sat. Nov. 21 - 1/2 hr. on TM (this was a surprise - I guess I was busier than I thought!)
Sun. Nov. 22 - social event, so no TM
Mon. Nov. 23 - 1 hr. on TM
Tues. Nov. 24 - 1 hr. on TM
Wed. Nov. 25 - 1 hr. on TM
Thurs. Nov. 26 - 45 min. on TM

This week's plan - get out the rowing machine and see how hard I can work on it. I won't be on the treadmill tomorrow, but I will be wandering around a craft show. Sunday, treadmill. Monday, row. Tuesday, TM. Wednesday, row, etc. No cola. No cola or chocolate until Thursday (treats during Survivor are mandatory in our house). Fingers crossed I can get to below 140, anyway!


Anonymous said...

Walking? What walking? The kids have been out of school all week, so no walks for me. Hopefully Lucky and I can pick it up on Monday.

I love my kids, really I do. But it can be difficult to get an autistic 12-year-old to concentrate on her homework when her autistic 6-year-old brother won't leave her alone. She has gone to work with her Daddy two days this week, which has helped, but needs to finish up today at home before she goes to a friend's house.

My oldest kitty also had another seizure this morning. It's shaping up to be an interesting day. Hope I survive till Monday.


Margaret Moore said...

Oh, my, Rosemary! You do have a lot on your plate! Yes, how can you get walking in there? I have no idea! I think to get any real benefit, you have to walk at least an hour, so you simply don't have the time. And fancy exercise equipment is far too expensive if you're paying for therapy, too. Maybe you could walk up and down the stairs a few extra times? It's inside, they're free and it'd be a start, anyway....

Sorry to hear about the cable and kitteh, too. Here's hoping things settle down a little at your house, or at least as much as they can!

Anonymous said...

Hi. Usually both kids are in school (no extra therapy except speech for my son, as the school he goes to is great, and most people wouldn't even realize that my daughter is autistic). School time is when I do everything that I can, including a walk (usually 45-60 minutes).

The only stairs we hve are the three leading off the front and back porches, so that is pretty much out. Besides, I have a bad knee and hip, and have trouble with stairs some days.

Sandy recovered quickly from his seizure, and has been fine so far. He averages one a month lately, even on medication. The cable is now fixed, so my husband can watch his football.

I have been hemming pants for my son, and have broken two sewing machine needles (all I have are lightwieght ones, and I really needed heavier). My son has gotten hold of my pin cushion and scattered my pins all over the house. Two of the cats attacked the thread while I was hand sewing, and nearly had an eye put out by the needle in my hand. All in all, a fairly calm day at my house.