Friday, November 06, 2009

Weight Loss Challenge and hey, wha' happened?

Not what happened with my weight. I know what's going on there (too many Hallowe'en treats and last night, Evil Potato Chips controlled my mind and made me eat them). I'm referring to this blog and Twitter, as in why am I so late posting today?

We had connectivity issues. I was going to try the ol' unplug the modem trick, but the hubby had gone out and I wasn't sure if he was running a program or not, so didn't want to disconnect. I waited. And waited. Finally, I called, although there's a new law prohibiting talking on a cell phone when driving. He pulled over and answered, and yes, I could disconnect. Which was good, but ARGH that I hadn't tried it sooner.

Except... it was like the olden days. Email? Nope, no can do. Blog? It'll have to wait. So I could just...write. I got 1625 words done before breaking for exercise. I had my lunch. Then it was Tales of the Sourdough, Part Two: We Begin The Starter Again. Now I'm about to start writing again, having spent less than an hour, tops, online today.

However, as blissful as those first hours were, I did start to get antsy, because I'd send some emails asking questions. But for those first few hours? It really felt as if my time truly was my own. I'm seriously considering a no-internet-on-the-weekend policy. There may be blogs, but I'll do them ahead of time.

But, you may be wondering, how's it going with the weight loss challenge?

Alas, see above re chocolate and chips. 139.2 this morning. I hang my head. That's the bad news. The good news is that I'm back on track with the exercise program.

I either walked over 10,000 steps or - even better, I think - did an hour on the treadmill, every day. So now that the chocolate is gone, and the chips, too (as of noon today), here's hoping I can make it below 139 by next Friday.

ETA: NaNo Day Six -
a.m. - 1625 words, p.m. - 793 words, for a day's total of 2418 and a cumulative total of 13,436 words this week.


Anonymous said...

Hi. For me this week the problem was sleep. As in I slept more than I walked. Only walked two trips to the post office, Monday and today, and that is only 45 minutes each.

As for the other days, I was grocery shopping two, and sleeping the rest. I just couldn't seem to stay awake this week. I didn't even get the laundry done. I would start a load, then fall asleep for three hours. I have managed to stay awake today, and am finally doing laundry and putting stuff away (still).


Margaret Moore said...

Maybe you're fending off something? Sometimes I think our bodies know more than we do! Mind you, I was really tired yesterday, too. Maybe it's the time of year - reaction from the time change, perhaps?