Wednesday, November 04, 2009

NaNo Day Four: Is NaNo frying my brain?

Okay, what is going on? Is NaNo frying my brain? I took a little video of the upstairs den/office so you could see "where the magic happens" (snort), but can I find the camera now? I remember the last time I saw it. Did the elves take it?

When I went to the store, I nearly forgot the very first item on the list and the reason I went in the first place. Yeesh, distracted much?

In any event, the writing's going pretty well.

Day Four results:

a.m. - 1357
p.m. - 892 for a day's total of 2249 and a cumulative total of 9447. Obviously, I'm writing more in the morning.

Since I've misplaced the camera, here's a mini-movie of the Pantheon in Rome, a temple built by Agrippa and saved from destruction because it was turned into a church.

Yes, that's an opening in the dome. What happens when it rains? There are drainage holes in the floor.


Anonymous said...

Actually, my cameras are some of the few things I CAN find. Things in our house seem to grow legs and walk off with great frequency.

As for forgetting the first thing on your list, I have been known to have to go back into the store to get it after getting about twenty other things I didn't really need.

I believe the technical term for the opening in the roof of the Pantheon is the Occulus. Those Romans knew a thing or two about architecture, didn't thay?

TO change the subject entirely, my Tippy kitten goes in to be neutered tomorrow. Not bad for a cat I didn't think would survive the night, he was so starved when I found him back in May.

Happy writing.


Kaye Manro said...

Your NaNo count sounds impressive, Margaret!

Margaret Moore said...

Hugs to Tippy Kitty! But the responsible thing to do.

Thanks, Kaye. I don't know if I'll be able to keep it up, but I'll try!