Thursday, November 05, 2009

NaNo Day Five: It's not me! Well, it is, but....

Obviously this is not the movie of my office. This is me inside the Colliseum. But at least I know what happened to the camera. It wasn't elves. It was the hubby, who took it to a Raptors game.

So why no movie today? I dunno. I must have done something wrong. I'll try again when we delete some pictures off the memory card.

As for NaNo, my word count today is down because I went to Fabricland and went, well, a little nutty. But there was a sale and my nephews and nieces are now having babies, and it's so much fun to sew for little ones that...well, I went a little nutty.

I still hope to make some character notes today, because the secondary characters are coming in fast and furious, and yes, that's going to count toward my total. However, so far, the totals are:

Today a.m.: 472
p.m. 974 for a day's total of 1416 and a cumulative total of 10,863.

Oh, and I attempted to make a starter for sourdough bread last night. Turned out the container was too small. Heard of the blob? That was what happened on my kitchen counter. But I'll keep trying. I'm assuming learning how to bake bread will be like writing - a lot of trial and error.

ETA: Made a few notes, so daily word count is up by 155. Total is 1571, which is not up to my goal of 2000. C'est la vie. Just didn't have the time. Maybe I'll do a little extra tomorrow. Or maybe not. I'm not beating myself up about it.

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Anonymous said...

She who dies with the most fabric wins. My mom died a strong contender earlier this year.

Ages ago (as in high school), I made sourdough biscuits, and kept the starter going for years. I have no idea why I quit making them.

Tippy is doing just fine. He even wanted to eat dinner. He has gained almost 7 pounds from the time I picked him up out of the street.


P. S. Have you ever watched the Ice Age movies? There is a saber-toothed squirrel named Scrat, which is my word verification.