Wednesday, November 25, 2009

More Cool Old Stuff

Here are some more recent additions at my house.

I've been trying to discover how old this Underwood-Elliot Fisher typewriter is, and I think it's probably from the 1940's, or possibly the early '50's. I was actually
was able to get a ribbon (that's what the ink's on, boys and girls) at Staples. I'll have to see if it fits, then I'm hoping to get it working, just for demonstration value.

One thing's for sure, it's heavy!

The table it's on is something I've never seen before. In the middle, underneath that beautiful scroll work, is a speaker of some kind, maybe for a radio? I'm thinking I should send the picture to a club for antique radio buffs.


Anonymous said...

Hi. I can't help with the table, but I believe that the typewriter is more likely to be from the teens or twenties. I have a 1950's model Underwood, and they look nothing at all alike. My mother had a 1918 Royal Portable, and yours looks a lot like the Royal, just bigger. Hope that helps.


Anonymous said...

Hi. Me again. My mother always said that her father is the person who invented the little bell that rings to let you kmow when you reach the end of the carriage. He was working for Remington Typewriters at the time.


Kaye Manro said...

What a beautiful vintage typewriter. and how fitting for a writer to own it.

Margaret Moore said...

Rosemary, that's really cool about the bell! From what I've found out so far, Underwood bought out Eliot Fisher in 1928, so it has to be later than that. The keys are the thing that make me believe it's probably from the 40's. They are smooth and plastic or vinyl of some kind, and dark green

Kaye, I agree it's a great antique for a writer to have - that's why it's going to be sitting in our front hall. :-)