Monday, November 09, 2009

Tales of the Sourdough and NaNo News

Here they are, the first two loaves of sourdough bread I've ever made. The one on the left looks pretty good; the one on the right is a bit of a mutant. However, we tasted the one on the right, and it was good!

And let me just say, our foremothers must have had some powerful arms, because stirring and kneading bread dough? Was a work-out.

In NaNo news, I've decided I might have set my sights a bit too high. Or maybe I'm finding two sessions a tough gig because I've got a lot of other projects I also want to do right now. Also, the weather's been so nice, I want to walk while I can, which means at least two hours a day. And I'll be honest and confess that it could be that I'm finding it tough to get my butt in the chair in the afternoon because I'm in the middle of the story and in the "feeling my way" stage. Yes, I had an outline, but I still have to flesh out the story and characters and come up with other incidents to keep it moving. I didn't manage to get to my second session until 9 p.m. tonight, and I have a birthday cake and dinner tomorrow, so I won't get a second one in tomorrow, either. Add to that that I'm not getting to my trip pictures, and...something's gotta give.

So I'm going to give myself permission to have one writing session a day for the rest of this week, on the understanding that I'll write every day, aiming for at least 1,000 words, and get the pictures done. Next week, I'll aim for two sessions a day again.

Sometimes, I just have to acknowledge what's slowing me down and deal with it.

Today's totals:
a.m. - 1362 p.m. - 446 for a day's total of 1808 and a cumulative total of 18,461.

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