Thursday, February 05, 2009

The Pleasure of Quiet

I've found another way in which I seem to be different from about 95% of the people on this planet.

I like quiet.

I don't listen to the radio when I'm home alone. I don't have the TV on unless I'm actually watching a show (although I may read or crochet during the commercials). I don't have the radio on in the car, either, unless somebody else turns it on.

I don't have an ipod or an MP3 player. When I go for my long walks, I have no music playing in my ears.

I may take the cell phone, but it stays in my pocket.

When I'm working, I don't have any music playing, or the TV on.

I don't understand how people can work with a lot of noise, although if that's the way it is in the workplace, I'm sure you learn how to tune it out. I like classical music, but I never got into the habit of having it on all the time.

In North America at least, I think we who like silence are definitely in the minority.

But there's nothing wrong with that.


Kara said...

I like quiet in the evening...after the kids are in bed, the TV goes off and I sit and read or cross stitch to the beautiful sound of silence.

The day is filled with so much noise that it is like a breat of fresh air to be silent.

One of the things I enjoy is...twice every year there is a group of women who sponsor a "Silent Retreat" where we go to this beautiful retreat - river, trees, fields, etc. and we sit there all day and be silent. Wonderful!!!

Amy Ruttan said...

I'm like Kara, after the kids are in bed the TV is off.

I may listen to my music but no TV. I've had enough mayhem during the day. If I'm working, then music, but if I'm just relaxing or reading then no noise.

I do have to work with noise though, because I worked in a busy law office and worked on my writing with two toddlers running around, I can't concentrate when it's quiet ... too quiet.

Margaret Moore said...

Oh, my gosh - I'd never make it through the silent retreat! While I like silence while I'm working, I confess to talking to the cats when I'm not.

Leah Braemel said...

I'm one of the 5% then - no TV, no radio on, I prefer the quiet. Especially if I'm walking outside. My brain is busy enough with plot bunnies whispering in my ear.

HA! I just read your comment, Margaret, about talking to your cats. Since my doggy died, I just talk to myself. Of course, there is the benefit of at least having intelligent conversation that way ...