Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Zeta...

I've finished going through THE VISCOUNT'S KISS, addressing some editorial concerns. I gather I made my heroine a little, ahem, harsh, at some points. What can I say? Authors sometimes have life stuff going on that affects their work and I suspect some of mine crept in there. Gone now.

I also suppose my hero, Buggy, is going to be described as "beta," meaning not alpha.

I'm always surprised by that label, because in my mind, all my heroes are alpha as I understand it (confident, protective) when they need to be.

The rest of the time, no, not so much, because I don't really like the uber-alpha hero. I find them too arrogant. Give me a strong, confident hero, yes, but let him think, at some point, that maybe the heroine's right to want nothing to do with him. Maybe he isn't all that and a bag of chips. Because if he doesn't have that moment of vulnerability, I tend to think winning the heroine's love is just that. It's a contest and he wins. She's a prize, the proof that his arrogant self-confidence isn't misplaced.

Nope, show me the worry.

Show me some humility.

Show me a man who's strong, handsome, powerful -- and who is desperately afraid he's going to lose the one thing he's come to cherish above all because of his own mistakes.

Call it what you will, that's the kind of hero I want to see. That's the kind of hero I try to create.


Amy Ruttan said...

Well I like your heroes *dreamy sigh*

I like that little bit of caring and real emotions in a hero. I also like funny too.

Kimber Chin said...

I love your heroes also. Of the friends, I always considered Buggy the most alpha. He is at the top of his game, he did his own thing (dang the consequences), he cares more about what he thinks is right than what others think. That's about as alpha as you can get.

Or at least real life alpha.

I don't really understand romance alphas. I understand real life alphas (being one, married to one and, usually hanging with the alpha crowd).

But the typical romance alpha makes no sense. Who doesn't have worries? Who follows a leader (which is what an alpha naturally is) with no friends and no communication skills?