Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Mardi Gras

Here's something else I've noticed when I'm doing the First Draft Sprint - some things tend to get lost in the shuffle. Or maybe because of the economy and President Obama's speech, there weren't as many news stories to remind me. For whatever reason, though, Mardi Gras was barely a blip on my radar this year.

We were fortunate enough to attend the last Mardi Gras before Katrina. It was a wild time -- it's like a huge frat party outside. Or so it seemed to this non-twenty-something. I felt about 110 years old.

Did I get many beads? Yes, but not in the way most people assume you must. I just held up my hands to those folks on the balconies and begged. See, we were having a competition for who could get the most beads, and I wanted to win. I didn't, but I still got a lot. Then the hubby insisted we bring them all home "to show the kids." I had to get a new totebag to hold them all, which...okay. I love to buy totebags and handbags, a hold-over from when I worked in that department during my retail career.

And because there are times you just gotta go with the cliche...I wore a feather boa. Isn't that what all romance writers are supposed to wear? That, and compose our books while nibbling bon-bons. I could really get behind the bon-bon cliche if somebody would provide non-caloric, no-fat bon-bons. Otherwise, I'd have to spend even more time on the treadmill. No thanks.

I still have about a gazillion strings of beads in the basement, although I've used them for Christmas decorations, home decor and freebie give-aways.

Hey, maybe I can use a bunch for weights to get the arms in shape!


Kaye Manro said...

LOL, I'm laughing now and that's good, Margaret. I can just see those beads everywhere. You should wear them as you write, create another cliche. Or at least celebrate Mardi Gras with the beads this year, since it's buried out there in President land.

Amy Ruttan said...

LOL!! Think of free promo items for gift baskets for years to come. :)

Kimber Chin said...

Ohhh... it is very difficult to turn away Mardi Gras beads though so I understand your issues. We use some of ours on the Christmas tree also.

Plus I'm lucky to know a school teacher or two. They are thrilled to have them. Fancier than giving kids gold stars.