Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Hey, I'm a prize!

Well, not really. But THE WARLORD'S BRIDE is one! Check it out!

And it's a bestseller at eBooks.com, too!

First Draft Sprint Report:

Nineteen pages written yesterday, all of Chapter One, part of Chapter Two. Keeping to the same pattern as JaNoWriWee -- more written in the morning than the afternoon.

I also did a new post over at Story Seedlings about a "very bad boy" who got seven years' transportation for stealing a handkerchief.

Eight pages written this morning, finishing Chapter Two. Also shoveled snow and had to give Dowager Cat meds all by myself. As I'm holding the struggling kitteh, she peed on the kitchen floor. Such is this writer's glamorous life.


Maureen McGowan said...

Always knew you were a prize.

Margaret Moore said...

Ah, thanks! I'm blushing.