Monday, February 02, 2009

First Draft Sprint

After last month's successful JaNoWriWee (January Novel Writing Week), I'm upping the stakes and trying the same system for a first draft. I was going to go for a month, but then decided that I might not be able to finish a draft in a month, so better to aim for a finished draft than write for a set number of days.

Which means that, starting tomorrow, I'm planning to write two scenes a day until a first draft is finished. However, unlike the JaNoWriWee, I don't have a whole month/six weeks/whatever with no commitments during the day. So there will be days I may only get one scene done, or even just a paragraph. That's fine. The main thing is, I will not go back and revise. I will not go back and reread, save for a few paragraphs or page. I will not stop to do a lot of research. I will just write the scenes, with the understanding that it's only a first draft. After all, considering that it's me, there will be at least four more.

I won't report my progress every day, but will try to keep a record here. And I'll be doing posts about other subjects on a regular basis, thanks to the miracle of pre-scheduling. I'll also be checking the Old Bailey Online and writing posts over at Story Seedlings as well, whenever I find a case that's interesting, with story idea potential.

I figure now's the time to do this, when it's still cold outside and I have a relatively light schedule, as I have plans for painting some walls and other things to plan/organize/do come the spring.

Wish me luck!


Amy Ruttan said...

Good luck.

According to Wiarton Willy you have six weeks of winter left. ;)

Margaret Moore said...

I've never understood why it's more winter if the groundhog sees its shadow. If it's sunny, shouldn't winter end sooner????

I myself am counting down to Daylight Savings Time commencing, on March 8. That always makes me silly with glee (as my hubby and kids can confirm).

Crystal-Rain Love said...

Go, girl! I wish I could borrow some of your productivity.