Friday, January 16, 2009

Weight Loss Challenge - Oh, Noes!

So I step on the scale this morning and yikes! I have gained! 142.6. ACK!

I blame the Five C's of Catastrophe: candy (in the form of home-made fudge), cookies (I have reminded my husband to please, please, please, only get the cookies I don't like -- yes, he does the grocery shopping), cola (I don't drink diet) and the two that I really believe go together, carbs and cold.

I crave carbs when it's cold out, and here's my theory: deep in the primal region of my brain, it says that when it's cold, I need extra fat to keep warm. (What? Sounds like an excuse to you? I am shocked and appalled you would even suggest that! I mean, what other reason can there possibly be????)

Bottom line: no more fudge (it's finished anyway, so that's an easy call), finish the cookies and no more, cut back on the cola, and watch the carbs. Last night, for
instance, I had two pieces of buttered bread with the pasta. I didn't need them; I just wanted them. Ooops.

Step count/treadmill tally:
Jan. 9 - 1 hour on the treadmill (TM for short)
Jan. 10 - 1 hour on the TM
Jan. 11 - walk, 16,275 steps plus snow shoveling
Jan. 12 - 1 hour on the TM
Jan. 13 - 1 hour on the TM, plus snow shoveling
Jan. 14 - visitors arrived unexpectedly
Jan. 15 - 1 hour on the TM

This coming week, I have a birthday celebration, but otherwise? I'll be trying to do better. I missed a day of exercise, because of unexpected visitors, but after feeling like a shut-in with the cold, they were more than welcome.
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(I wish some of the calories had leaked out of the fudge!)


Amy Ruttan said...

You're doing good!!

I didn't gain this month, THANK GOODNESS.

I've been really stressed with gaining back what I lost, even part of it. I keep telling myself that it's all for a good cause ... and then I hear the current two argue and my faith is shaken. ROFL!!

Margaret Moore said...

You're eating for two, so enjoy! Eat and sleep when you can! You'll lose the weight when Baby comes and you're running around after the kiddies. :-)

Michelle Styles said...

Hooray that you are keeping at it.
It always inspires me to see you are keeping on.