Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Old Man Winter

Before I get into what I like about winter, I've added a new post about a case that's chock-a-block full of good story ideas over at Story Seedlings.

I suppose the first thing I should say is that winter is not my favorite season. I'm not a big fan of cold. But there are things I like about the season.

I like shoveling snow at night. It's quite, it's peaceful, it's got a sort of meditative quality.

Snow shoveling is cheaper than a gym membership. All you need is a shovel.

The walking paths may be bumpy, but there aren't a lot of folks with big dogs, either. I walked for two and a half hours on Sunday and only met two groups of dog walkers with their dogs off leash. Now, as a rule, dogs don't bother me, but when the dogs are large and's a bit of a concern.

When you hear a bird sing in the dead of winter, as I did this morning, it's a thrill. When you see four cardinals in your backyard, so red against the brown branches and white snow, it's a treat.

Hot chocolate.

The beauty of undisturbed snow in a forest. Many of my walks take me through ravines and wooded areas, and it's stunning.

So while I may not like having to put on layers of clothes and the short days, there are things to love about winter in Canada.


Amy Ruttan said...

Haha you're clever ploys won't win me over.

Just kidding. I like the snuggling up in front of a fire. something you can't do in the summer.

I like when big fat flakes fall from the sky at night, and now I like seeing my front yard filled with weird lopsided snowmen made by my kids.

I just don't like the cold.

Anonymous said...

I like Richard in winter. His bare chest warms me right up, and if Mr. Armitage's chest is also sporting tattoos, I go to gooey secret agent places in my dreams.

Hot chocolate.

My young husband's thermal penetration layer that heats up the bedroom even if romance is not on the menu. Summers in Texas are a killer for his hot body, but winters are perfect. We should move north. Strike that: I love Texas and being a Texan.


Snuggles with my babies.

I love a lot of things about winter.