Thursday, January 22, 2009

A Heavenly Evening

Last night we were at a wonderful concert by Tafelmusik, The Galileo Project: The Music of the Spheres, celebrating the International Year of Astronomy, particularly the 400th anniversary of the development and use of Galileo's telescope. Did you know his father was a professional musician? Neither did I. It was a great show - I heartily agree with this review.

Fun highlight? The Astronomical Drinking Song, composed around 1800. Read the lyrics here.

Other fun fact? I may be the only romance writer to dedicate a book to an astronomer, Dr. Geoffrey Clayton.

And in a "hey, cool!" moment, I'm pretty sure I was sitting behind noted Canadian actor R.H. Thompson.


Amy Ruttan said...

R.H. Thompson!! Now that is cool.

I loved his character Jasper Dale in Road to Avonlea.

Margaret Moore said...

I used to do musical theater with Mag Ruffman and she took me on a tour of the set once. Very cool!

Geoff said...

The astronomer appreciates the dedication.

Amy Ruttan said...

I am very jealous of you now!!

How cool to walk the Avonlea set with Mag.

Mag and R.H.'s characters were my favorite next to Felicity and Gus.

*swooning now* LOL.