Thursday, January 08, 2009

JaStoWriWee Progress Report - Day Four

Another day, another two scenes written.

Scene 7 - 9 pages, 1832 words
Scene 8 - 6 pages, 1164 words
Plus running start on Scene 9 - 3 pages, 394 words

bringing my total thus far this week to 68 pages, 14,792 words.

I figure I now have two more scenes to write, but tomorrow should see me reach where I wanted to be in the story and with this experiment. It's been interesting, to say the least!

What else have I done today? I wrote another Story Seedlings blog, did an hour on the treadmill, walked to the store, cleaned the stove (well, okay, set it to clean and opened a window!) as well as the usual tidying up. Now I've got dinner in the oven -- and oh, the irony! I'm making a chicken dish that seriously splatters, as I realized after I'd started.

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