Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Good day to work at home...

This is the kind of day that makes me glad I work at home. It's frickin' freezin' out there!

So it's the treadmill for me today -- although I suspect my body is thinking, "Wait a minute! You need that fat! Don't you know it's frickin' freezin' out there???" -- after I input my changes to the JaStoWriWee work. Surprisingly, there were no big moves of information, just some cutting, and I'm still not quite sure about some things. It's always tricky finding a balance when the story is a sequel. How much of the other story do you include?

I approach it this way: How much does the reader of the new story, who hasn't read the previous one, have to know? If it's not essential, I cut it out. I never assume a reader has read any previous books, but I also don't want to bore readers who have with a lot of repeated information, which tends to take the form of unnatural dialogue ("Say, Jim, wasn't that the time you almost drowned in Lake Heavy Symbolism and were rescued by a moose?") or "info dumps" anyway.


Amy Ruttan said...

That's a good point. I'm writing book three of a series and I'm in the same conundrum, how much info is too much. I want it to stand a lone yet be part of the series.

It's tricky.

My eldest is sick today, not that I want her to be, but I don't have to layer her up to look like a big purple marshmellow, then layer up the other one and drag them down the street to drop her off at school in this sub artic weather.

I gets to stay indoor with my munchkins, being warm.

Margaret Moore said...

And it's not like they're going to suffer if they miss a day or two of school, although I blame my inability to remember the eight and nine times tables on faking sore throats in elementary school so that I could stay home and read. :-)

I've just spent an hour on the first four pages, cutting, then putting back, cutting, moving and putting back, cutting, moving something somewhere else get the picture.

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