Tuesday, January 06, 2009

JaStoWriWee Progress Report

What did I say? There's always the unexpected to throw one's schedule off the rails. Today, it was a couple of phone calls, but fortunately, they came after I'd finished my writing for the morning.

This morning, I wrote Scene Three, 11 pages, 2704 words. Then came the calls, then I took a two hour walk because although the temperature was below freezing, the sun was shining, started the stew for dinner, then wrote Scenes Four A and Four B (because they're short) for a total of 5 pages, 1206 words. I also got started on Scene Five, for 354 words. So today's word count is 4,264; combine that with yesterday's and in two days I've written 7,236 words. Not too shabby.

I'm also noticing a pretty obvious trend: I write longer scenes in the morning, when I'm more energized.

Also, and unfortunately, my back started to hurt. After I got back from my walk. Which isn't that unusual for me, and I think it's a posture problem. However, I'm doing lots of stretching and no "extra" blogging today, so hopefully all will be well come the morning.

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