Wednesday, January 07, 2009

JaStoWriWee Progress Report - Day Three

I got my two scenes finished, shoveled the snow twice, did half an hour on the treadmill and am now about to go make some comfort food, mac and cheese, from scratch.

Scene Five - 11 pages, 2949 words
Scene Six - 6 pages, 1419 words
Total Page Count: 52
Total Word Count: 11,402

Pretty good for three days, I think.

I note I'm keeping to the usual, longer scene in the morning, shorter one in the afternoon. I almost forgot to get a "running start" on Scene Seven. I'd even turned off the computer. But I turned it back on and wrote 152 words, so I'm prepared for tomorrow.

I'm going to do at least eight scenes before I reach the story goal I wanted to get to with this. However, I'm sure there's some serious trimming to be done with the beginning. I tend to tell too much at the start, sort of like revving an engine before you start driving.

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Maureen McGowan said...

Great progress on the shoveling. (and on the WIP, too!)