Wednesday, April 25, 2007


So once again I am awakened early. This time, the awful hour of 4:15. And I know I'm nearing a deadline because I cannot get back to sleep.

It doesn't help that the Count, our cat who weighs about 12 pounds, has decided I am the perfect thing for him to sleep on. Or that Luis, his brother, who apparently thinks he was a vulture in another life, has perched on the headboard above my pillows.

So I get up, and it is so early, neither of the two daily newspapers I read have been delivered. Argh.

I make a tea and try to go back to sleep. No joy.

I spend the morning basically trying to sweeten up, 'cause the mood I was in? Is no mood in which to be revising a love scene. A battle scene maybe, but not a love scene.

I finally get my head in a decent space and do some revising. And then, after lunch, I have a nap. A loooong nap - and believe you me, I am well aware of how wonderful it is that I can do this.

Guess who'll be working tonight?


trish said...

your cats sound like mine lol sleeplessness stinks

Margaret Moore said...

And I found out I revised a scene in the wrong draft this morning! Fortunately, I figured it out, but seesh!

trish said...

oh crud, been one of those days, huh?