Monday, April 02, 2007

Prison Break: Noooooooo!

Oh, woe is me! My Lance is no more! Unless he managed to escape The Van o' Doom, which I doubt, considering his final words.


And what airline does Dr. Sarah use that she got to Panama so fast? I'd like to use that myself, because whew! No waiting at the airport for her, apparently.

But otherwise, a great season finale. Now Linc's on the outside and Michael's on the inside, along with other assorted characters. And what the heck is going on in that lab??

I'll be back next season, even though my pretty Lance is gone.


trish said...

I love that show. Lance of the pretty lips, I'm gonna miss him. Fall can't come fast enough for me.

Christine said...

I haven't watched Prison Break at all, though I may take a peek at the DVDs.

I'm getting a bit tired of 24. I know, I hate to say it. I find they are using Jack as a bookend for the show instead of driving the plot. He opens and closes each episode and that's it! It needs to change.

Margaret Moore said...

I hear Lance is going to be on the Grey's Anatomy spin-off, so I suspect his character is really dead, even though they didn't show the body, so there may be a shred of hope.

But alas, I don't medical shows due to Worrywartitis.

Yes, what's up with 24? I've actually dozed off twice this season.

Somebody at Television Without Pity said something that made a lot of sense to me -- that they've introduced and put a lot of the focus new characters we don't particularly care about (Milo, Doyle, etc) and not given us much about those we do -- Chloe, Jack, even Logan. Alive? Dead?

I also think it was a big mistake to kill both Tony and Michelle, especially Tony. He and Jack made a really good team.