Monday, April 30, 2007

No dozing this time!

So there I was, watching 24, wondering if I was going to be dozing off again when...ZOINKS! That guy kissing the blonde's Michael Shanks! AKA Daniel Jackson on Stargate SG-1. Wow! I had NO idea!

Then along comes Secretary Heller. Also wow! And he's mean. Poor Jack!

Nadia and Doyle are so gonna wind up together.

Then on Heroes, we have grim, tough Future Hiro, plus cute Present Hiro, and Ando being all "what the...?" and a scarred Peter. Ah, the scarred hero -- both vulnerable and yet tough. What's not to love?

Speaking of heroes, tomorrow I must work, work, work. I thought I'd finished most of the revisions on this particular chapter, but...ahem...apparently not.


Maureen McGowan said...

We watched the same TV tonight. I didn't buy Heller's reaction. It seemed just there to add more drama to me... Don't know.

Loved Heros though.

Kimber said...

Heroes almost lost me this week. No time travelling for this linear girl.

Showed me a clear example of why backstory is necessary (wtf was going on?) and also how it can kill a story.

Now I'm treading vewy, vewy quietly.

Christine said...

I love Michael but I soooo didn't clue in it was him! I even said to my husband he looked familiar. LOL I guess I was tired. I thought Heller was a bit rough on Jack, but remember he never really liked him to begin with. The line though, made me want to hug Jack.

I loved Heroes. I'm glad they only had one episode in the future, though I loved seening the darker versions of Hero and Peter.

Margaret Moore said...

One thing I like about Heroes is that, unlike Lost, they answer some questions as well as posing new ones. I was totally shocked at the Nathan/Skylar reveal, and so impressed with the actor playing Hiro -- two such different versions of the same guy. And his relationship with Ando is just wonderful.

As for Heller, I was so shocked to see him, too -- didn't he, like, drive his car off a cliff???? And while I could understand what he said to Jack, poor Jack's expression... Although I was never a huge fan of the Audrey/Jack relationship.

Christine, my daughter realized who he was before I did. But once she said it, I was sure sittin' up straight. :-)

What the heck happened to Jack's dad?

Christine said...

Heller landed in the water, but they said he was okay. We never saw the character after that. The look on Jack's face after that was heartbreaking. They've really added a lot of emotion to him this year. I love it!

Margaret Moore said...

Thanks for clearing that up, Christine!