Sunday, April 15, 2007

Salve, Italia!

One of the great joys of the internet is that my readers in various parts of the world can contact me easily. I know my books sell overseas -- my royalty statements tell me so, and often, I get the foreign editions. It's really fun to see the different covers, or how the cover art is used in a different way. I have a webpage about it (link below). But it's easy to forget that all those sales = actual readers, so when I have contact with a reader from a foreign country, it's an exciting reminder that those numbers on my royalty statement really do equal people buying my books.

And today, thanks to the internet, Italian readers can read an interview of me on Isn't it romantic? I'm very grateful for the wonderful opportunity to connect with my Italian readers!

I love the title, too:
Margaret Moore: A Modern Amazon Between The Medieval Warriors

The title also makes me ponder being the filling in my own hero sandwich. Which of my heroes would I pick for the bread? Or maybe I could do a different sandwich every day? What if I have one medieval hero and one Victorian? How 'bout my Regency duke and the Viking?

This is the sort of delightful distraction that can keep an author from her writing....

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Raffy said...

Hi Margaret
I'm an Italian fan of yours, Raffaella. I was glad to read the beautiful interwiev you had with Elisa at Isnt'it romantic blog, because I like discovering more and more about my favourite romance novelists! let me say I'm a huge fan of romance novels set in the Middle Age, and I want to thank you for writing such beautiful stories! Keep the excellent job!

Margaret Moore said...

Thanks so much, Raffy! I'll do my best. :-)