Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Insert, delete, insert, delete...

There are many, many things a writer can obsess about, but I have finally stopped worrying about whether or not my manuscript is going to be long enough. My first draft may very well be short, but I shouldn't panic because I will find many, many places that need, as I so helpfully note in the margins, "more." With every book, the manuscript expands, then contracts, then expands and contracts...kind of like I'm playing a squeezebox.

I have learned I can cut out whole scenes, and the book will not be too short. And not only can I, it's vital that I cut out anything that slows the pace. I will always find other places to add "more" that won't bring the story to a screeching halt.

I don't worry if my first draft is too long, either. My record is, I believe, 440 pages. This is about 40 pages too long. But that was fine, because it meant I had too many scenes doing the same jobs, so I combined some, and others just got cut entirely.

So now that's one thing I've stopped worrying about. But alas, there are plenty more!
In TV news, you can bet your booties I will be clued to the TV for Survivor: Fiji tonight. That was a glorious tribal council last week -- it made up for my extreme dismay over the ouster of Michelle. Here's hoping for an Earl, Yau Man and Cassandra final three!
P.S. Notice something different? I've changed my template because I've got a new book coming out in June -- THE NOTORIOUS KNIGHT. Unfortunately, I shouldn't do such things when my sleep has been disrupted. I lost all my links, so I had to redo them this morning. But that's okay -- I streamlined them while I was at it.

I also updated my website's homepage this week in anticipation of the release of THE NOTORIOUS KNIGHT, the sequel to MY LORD'S DESIRE.

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