Monday, April 30, 2007


I decided that other template for my blog was ugly. So I changed it -- only this time, I was smart and saved all the code for the links first. It's amazing what going to bed early will do for your with-it-ness.

In other news, I am dismayed that the Chas are out on The Amazing Race, but their hearts just didn't seem to be in it. So I'm glad I didn't plan to go to TARCon...This One Goes To XI. What is TARCon? A bunch of fans who visit the Television Without Pity forums get together in a sports bar in NYC to watch the finale. I tell ya, ya wanna know excitement? It's great fun, made even greater by the eventual appearance of many of the racers, Phil (and his delightful aftershave) and the producers.

The Amazing Race was originally scheduled to debut on 9/11. When it did eventually make it on the air, its survival was somewhat precarious, until -- so legend has it -- the good folks at TWoP (specifically Miss Alli, the recapper) championed it. And ever since, in gratitude, the producers have come to TARCon.

Unfortunately, while this series has been pretty good, the early elimination of some of my favorite teams have made it less than great for me. In contrast, Survivor: Fiji, which started out so poorly, has come to be one of the best seasons of that show ever, coming hard on the heels of the previously outstanding season. I won't be surprised if Survivor finally wrests the Best Reality Show Emmy from TAR this year.

Tonight, Heroes. Also, 24. But I have to confess, I have fallen asleep during the past two episodes of 24. I just can't muster up the same enthusiasm. I think I miss Tony and Michelle too much. Also, I'm finding it hard to suspend my disbelief when it comes to Jack and his recouperative powers.

And of course, I'm working my way through what I hope will be the last draft minus one of the work-in-progress. I got a new writing book that's made me think of a couple of things in a slightly different light. More on that later this week, because now -- I've gotta get to work!

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